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Ray Guntrip: Music

Be-Bop -- I Gotta Get Away From You

(Ray Guntrip And Tina May)
July 14, 2008
Ray Guntrip--Music Tina May--Lyrics
Bee-bop Boy you make my
heart stop I gotta get away from you
So - ‘get out of Town’
I never get away - so - oh you
make me pay so!
Now, whenever you’re around me
I gotta get a grip I gotta get away.
Never ever wanted to become a
rhythm junkie
All my life - I never had a clue,
Baby - then I heard of you
Every single thing I do - goes back
To - Bee bop - oh you make my
Heart stop.
I gotta get away from you.
Bee bop,
I gotta get away from you.